Laudio’s AI Workflow Solution – Enabling Better Healthcare

Northwell Health and Nebraska Medicine have joined the growing list of health systems leveraging Laudio’s AI workflow solution. With the implementation of this platform, over 15,000 new frontline employees will benefit from enhanced retention, improved quality care, and increased safety measures.

Laudio’s AI Workflow Solution, Copyright

Automation and Recommendations

Laudio’s AI workflow solution revolutionizes healthcare operations by automating repetitive tasks. It provides daily recommendations and best practices for clinical and operational staff. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the platform equips managers with personalized suggestions. Such as tips for engaging team members. Thus, ultimately reducing turnover rates and mitigating burnout risks. 

Northwell Health and Nebraska Medicine

Northwell Health, with its 21 hospitals, 890 outpatient facilities, and 83,000 employees, and Nebraska Medicine, comprising two hospitals and 70 specialty and primary care clinics, are eager to embrace this innovative solution.

Addressing ongoing concerns surrounding labor productivity and cost reduction in healthcare systems, Russ Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Laudio, emphasized the importance of reimagining the future of work and embracing new technologies to empower the workforce. 

In a recent press release, Richmond expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Northwell Health and Nebraska Medicine. He talked about the positive impact Laudio’s platform will have on automating administrative tasks. According to him, the solution will enable managers and leaders to focus on their core responsibilities.

Funding and Expansion

Laudio recently secured $13 million in series B funding. This was led by Define Ventures, in June, bringing the company’s total raise to $25 million. These additional funds will be dedicated to further investment in AI and analytics. Thus, reinforcing Laudio’s commitment to advancing its platform.

Other esteemed health systems such as Novant Health, Tufts Medical Center, and UNC Health have already integrated Laudio’s platform into their management systems. And have reported substantial benefits. 

Through cross-client analysis, Laudio discovered that sustained interactions within the platform led to a remarkable 26% decrease in registered nurse turnover.

Laudio’s Vision for the Future

With a clear vision for the future, Laudio aims to partner with over 17 health systems and serve 250,000 clinical and non-clinical employees. The aim is to align their efforts with human resources, operations, quality and safety, and patient experience goals. That said, Laudio’s AI workflow solution envisions significant advancements in the healthcare industry.