Is ChatSonic Better Than ChatGPT? – Detail Comparison

Have you been following the news about ChatSonic better than ChatGPT and want to know the truth? You are in the right place. 

Is chatsonic better than chatgpt?
Is chatsonic better than chatgpt? Copyright

ChatSonic has created a huge buzz in the tech world while capturing the attention of every content creator out there. People are comparing this AI conversational tool with ChatGPT by OpenAI, calling it like ChatGPT but with Superpowers.

So, what’s the truth behind this? And is ChatSonic better than the revolutionary AI chatbot – ChatGPT? In this article, we will explain both AI solutions while suggesting how to choose the right tool for your job.

What is ChatSonic?

Chatsonic is very similar to ChatGPT in terms of its interface. It is an AI platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to offer its users an engaging chat experience. By comprehending the context of the prompts, the chatbot responds with the most relevant answers. 

You might feel like talking to a person sitting next to you. It remembers the chat history and uses its AI powers to follow instructions like humans. 

If this sounds like ChatGPT, stay tuned. There is more to this advanced AI conversational tool than any of its predecessors, including ChatGPT.

ChatSonic Top Features

Among various wonderful features, ChatSonic hosts various perks for its users. Here are some of the top features you must know about.

chatsonic features
Is chatsonic better than chatgpt? Copyright


Every individual is different and so are the preferences. Therefore, to suit the needs of every user, ChatSonic brings personalisation to its forefront. In other words, it saves your preferred preferences to personalise the chat experience as per your requirements.

This feature makes the tool highly useful for businesses, ensuring a consistent tone of voice and brand personality in every communication.

Understanding of Contexts

You do not have to repeat yourself every time you type a prompt. The chatbot can recall the context from the previous queries and connect the dots to provide relevant responses. 

Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Voice Commands

Well, not just texts, but ChatSonic can also understand your voice commands. Let’s say you do not want to write every query. In such a case, you can just provide the prompts through voice commands. And the chatbot would convert it into texts and respond. 

Supports Multiple Channels

To offer comprehensive support, ChatSonic supports multiple channels. This includes SMS, web chat, SMS, and social media Messenger. Using the Natural Language processing, the chatbot can generate responses like humans and can automate most of the redundant tasks for your company. Thus, reducing the time, cost, and effort put in managing your users’ communications. 

Google Search Integration

ChatGPT responses are limited to the training data set dating back to 2021. Hence, it isn’t capable of providing the latest facts and information. On the contrary, ChatSonic can search for the up to date content on the internet while responding. 

Isn’t this a good reason to believe that ChatSonic is better than ChatGPT?

Analytics and Reports

Apart from managing user conversations, this powerful tool provides businesses with analytics. This enables users to understand their customers closely. Thus, allowing them to create marketing and sales plans accordingly. 

Easy Integration

ChatSonic easily integrates with various other platforms such as CRM. Thus, if you are wondering how to make the most of the AI chatbot, why not integrate it with your CRM? This could automate mundane tasks and allow users to focus on important ones. 

Image Creation

Why suffice your work only with texts when you can create images too? Yes, ChatSonic can create images with texts. All you must do is explain to the chatbot the image you want, and ChatSonic will do the heavy lifting.

When is ChatGPT a Good Option?

chatsonic vs chatgpt
Is chatsonic better than chatgpt? Copyright

By far, you must have got your answers to the question: Is ChatSonic better than ChatGPT? However, there is a catch. 

Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic isn’t a very affordable option. It only offers 10,000 words a month with its free subscription. 

Hence, if you are someone working with lots of content formats and creation, ChatSonic might be an expensive option. Especially for freelancers who work alone. Although this might depend on the profits you make from each gig, it still would take up some space in your wallet.

On the contrary, ChatGPT can offer loads of content for free. 


When comparing ChatSonic with ChatGPT, we can find a lot of upgrades that the former one has brought with it. Such as voice command recognition, image creation, Google search, and more. 

However, not everyone would require so many features, let alone paying extra bucks to utilize the solution. In such a case, ChatGPT is still one of the best AI conversational tools that gets the job done.

Definitely, ChatSonic is better than ChatGPT. However, these serve two different user bases. While ChatSonic is designed especially for businesses, ChatGPT is for individuals and businesses alike.