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OpenAI Latest Update – Custom Instructions with ChatGPT

The most recent update from OpenAI has unveiled the expansion of Custom Instructions with ChatGPT. This feature allows users to provide specific instructions or contexts to ChatGPT. Thus, resulting in AI responses that are personalized according to their preferences and requirements. This extension of accessibility, however, currently does not apply to users located in the […]

Frontier Model Forum – A Collaborative Initiative From Tech Giants

In a groundbreaking collaboration, leading tech giants Microsoft, Anthropic, Google, and OpenAI have joined forces to unveil the highly anticipated Frontier Model Forum. This revolutionary development promises to reshape the landscape of artificial intelligence as we know it.  Building upon their respective advancements in natural language processing, the Frontier Model Forum represents a significant leap […]

Laudio’s AI Workflow Solution – Enabling Better Healthcare

Northwell Health and Nebraska Medicine have joined the growing list of health systems leveraging Laudio’s AI workflow solution. With the implementation of this platform, over 15,000 new frontline employees will benefit from enhanced retention, improved quality care, and increased safety measures. Automation and Recommendations Laudio’s AI workflow solution revolutionizes healthcare operations by automating repetitive tasks. […]

US Military Embraces Large Language Models for Military Tasks

US Air Force Colonel, Matthew Strohmeyer, is buzzing with excitement as he ventures into new territory. For years, Strohmeyer has been conducting data-based exercises within the US Defense Department. However, for the first time, he has tested a few large-language models (LLM) to perform a military task, and the results have been impressive. Results Strohmeyer […]

Microsoft’s Free Course – GenerativeAI: Unleashing Creativity

In a significant stride toward democratising artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft has proudly announced the launch of a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing free generative AI skill training to individuals worldwide. The technology giant hopes to empower aspiring developers with the necessary tools and knowledge to harness the potential of generative AI and drive innovation across […]